David Bridle

Digital Architect


Tea Addict


I love to help people.  I like to create, design and innovate ways to help people in their endeavours.

From web design and development, social media training, technological implementation to health & fitness.  I have a wide range of knowledge and abilities.

I have had the pleasure of travelling all over the world and meeting a diverse range of people and top performing companies giving me insights and knowledge that allows me to bring a different perspective .

Just Leap. You'll figure it out along the way!
You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved
Set some goals. Stay Quiet About Them. Smash the Hell Out of Them.
Wander Often. Wonder Always.


Profile Photos ⎯ Your Advert

Profile Photos ⎯ Your Advert February 19, 2018 I was given an article the other day, entitled “Picture Perfect” from the magazine Executive PA. The

A Nice Cup of Tea

In this post George Orwell outlines his vision for preparing a nice cup of tea!!


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Here is our latest work for a local music festival: