Profile Photos ⎯ Your Advert

Profile Photos ⎯ Your Advert February 19, 2018 I was given an article the other day, entitled “Picture Perfect” from the magazine Executive PA. The article covered the importance of a good headshot/profile picture. We currently live in a world of high visibility, and a physically disconnected society. On the

A Nice Cup of Tea

In this post George Orwell outlines his vision for preparing a nice cup of tea!!

Fine & Dandy Teas, New Zealand – Sarah Munro

Sarah & Adam set up and run Fine & Dandy Teas in New Zealand. In this interview, we explore where they came from, why they love tea and where they think the future of tea is heading.

Starting a Journey

Food & Drinks, the world over, have such an impact on our way of life. Coffee is one of the most those beverages that starts great arguments, debates and discussions on how it is brewed. I start my journey into coffee and coffee culture.