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Recently I have noticed a change in the way I am perceiving the world. I take life far too seriously, and have recently found myself saddened by my reactions to other peoples comments, speech, or actions. I realise I have a negative tendancy when I review, speak, or RANT.

I am trying to be more positive in the way I act, speak, or react to others.

My change is for the better. Thanks life.

Music from Epidemic Sounds “Pettles — by Frook” (http://epidemicsound.com)

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Profile Photos ⎯ Your Advert

Profile Photos ⎯ Your Advert February 19, 2018 I was given an article the other day, entitled “Picture Perfect” from the magazine Executive PA. The article covered the importance of a good headshot/profile picture. We currently live in a world of high visibility, and a physically disconnected society. On the